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Entrepreneur Magazine’s 4 Signs an Industry is Ripe for Disruption:

  1. Customers don't trust the current system

  2. New technological innovations remain un-utilized

  3. The product or services aren't affordable or effective

  4. Inconvenience is at an all-time high

If you’re a healthcare professional of ANY kind, you know the healthcare industry shows every one of these signs.

The writing is on the wall.

Healthcare is RIPE for Disruption.

And if you're like us...

You believe in a bigger vision of what’s possible.

We'll show you how to make it happen.

Our Time is NOW.

Unite with Visionaries, Disruptors, and Innovators at the Epicenter of the Healthcare Revolution!

Epidemics of preventable chronic disease. Corruption. Censorship.  It’s clear the conventional “healthcare” system is toxic.

Fortunately, there is a growing movement of passionate, intelligent, and dedicated practitioners and entrepreneurs changing this system from the inside out. 

We are standing together for health sovereignty, freedom, and our right to help our communities thrive

This movement needs inspired, heart-centered health practitioners, at every level... from 8 figure entrepreneurs to thriving neighborhood brick-and-mortar clinics.

We all have a role to play.

We believe the more we work together, share knowledge, and support each other with the best in modern business, marketing, and clinical practice the better off we'll all be.

This event is about more than growing your business (don’t worry, we will go deep on cutting-edge growth strategies)

At the heart level, this is about disrupting the status quo

…and transforming into a thriving movement for the benefit of all. 

This is the ONLY event to connect with like-minded souls on a mission to disrupt healthcare as usual and create a brighter future for everyone.

You Might Be Asking Yourself...


  • Health Entrepreneur or Business Owner

  • MD, D.C., ND, D.O, RN

  • Health Practitioner or Health Coach


  • Grow Your Health Business

  • Scale to 7+ Figures

  • Gain more time freedom, revenue, and IMPACT

Then this Event is FOR YOU.

The #1 Event to Learn from the Fastest Growing Health Entrepreneurs in the Industry!

3X Your Hourly Rate with Our Revenue Secrets

Learn how you can increase the revenue in your health business.

Our team has helped thousands of doctors and health entrepreneurs scale their business to

7, 8, and even 9 figures!

Automate Your Health Business for More Time Freedom

Break FREE from the traditional system and learn how to automate your business sales and buy yourself some time to do what you love most!

Create 4+ New Streams of Residual Income

Discover the most lucrative and game-changing opportunities in multiple streams of healthcare income!

Learn 4+ ways you can add streams of residual income into your health business for more time freedom, financial security, and peace of mind!

Join Us LIVE to Learn Industry Secrets From

Ben Greenfield

Founder of Ben Greenfield Life

From Biohacker To Business Builder: Ben Greenfield's Top Tips & Trends to Catapult Your Business

Dr. Dan Pompa

Founder of Pompa Program

Insider Secrets From the Biggest Virtual Practice & Fastest Growing Health Business in the World

Amanda Tress

Founder of Fasterway to Fat Loss

Harnessing the Power of Online Influencers: Unveiling the Secrets to Building a 9-Figure Business

Dr. Josh Axe

Founder of Ancient Nutrition +

Visualization to Realization, The 5-Steps to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Business and Meaningful Life

Ryan Cole

Marketing Expert

How to go from ZERO to $20M in Online Virtual Practice Sales through Precision Marketing

Gerard Van Grinsven

Founder of The Van Grinsven Hospitality Group

How this Ritz Carlton Executive took Hospitality into Healthcare for Better Patient Outcomes & Revenue

Dr. Todd Watts

Co-Founder of Cellcore Bioscience

How I Went From a Virtual Practice to an 8-Figure Business

Dr. Eric Zielinski

Founder of

How to Build a Profitable & SUSTAINABLE Affiliate Business that You Can Scale!

Dr. Jess Peatross

Founder of Dr. Jess MD

The Roadblocks to Healing Sick Building Syndrome

Dr. David Jockers

Founder of

How to Create Great Content for Maximal Impact with Limited Time

Dr. Fab Mancini

Holistic Health Expert, Author

How to be a Disruptor

Mindset + Sales Expert

Dr. Justin Moseley

7-Figure Mindset Secrets to Unlock the Your True Potential

Dr. Todd Ovokaitys

MD, Bioscientist & Author

The Art of Biological Age Reversal

Warren Philips

Founder of Revelation Health

Rethink, Redesign, Revolutionize: Social Media’s Disruptive Power in Branding

Dr. Jaban Moore

Founder of Redefining Wellness Center

Josh Isaak

Partner and Director of Coaching at Health Experts Alliance

Taylor MacFarlane

Marketing Director, Health Experts Alliance

The AI Revolution: Top 5 ways of using AI in your health business

Erica Jones

Founder of Elevays

Walk Away with a Proven Blueprint for a

Highly Profitable Health Business in Just 3 Days

We don’t give you the “one size fits all” tactics of typical internet gurus. 

We show you the fundamental blueprint of what creates a thriving healthcare business in the New Healthcare Economy

You’ll get real-world answers to the hard questions in our industry. 

For example...

Maybe you've noticed that webinars don’t work as well as they did just a couple years ago.

  • With webinar performance dropping, what can you do for high-value lead generation?

  • How will AI change the healthcare business landscape?

  • How can you intelligently navigate the disturbing trends of censorship and stay in integrity?

  • What can you do to protect Health Sovereignty for your community?

We’ll have time for the big questions as well as the tactical.

More Than “Just Another Funnel”

Digital marketing is an essential tool, but for your business to succeed in the new healthcare economy…

…you need MORE than just a funnel.

You need systems. You need strategy. You need relationships. You need vision.

You need a full business approach designed to generate a consistent, reliable, source of revenue to scale your health business.

And that’s exactly what you will get.

Eliminate Burnout, Take Back Your Time and Grow a Business That Works for YOU

Too many healthcare practitioners are trained to sacrifice their personal lives in order to serve others. 

There is a better way. One that creates real FREEDOM in your life. 

We’ll show you proven strategies to work less, earn more, and fully LIVE your own life while making an even greater impact.

Working with Health Experts Alliance has been the most profitable thing I’ve done. I was able to get the step-by-step roadmap to scale my business and avoid many of the costly mistakes people make. I systematized and scaled my brick and mortar, sold it and then built a virtual practice and e-commerce site that generated over $1M after just the first year. I took these assets and scaled them well into the 8 figures. I’m grateful for Dr. Jones and his team! If you are growth minded and have a big vision for the future, then it’s a no-brainer to work with them.”

- Dr. Jay Davidson

“I was 'missing out’ on life because of how constraining my brick and mortar practice was.  Dr. Jones helped save me so much money and avoid dozens of costly failures along the way. I now have a 7 figure automated virtual practice and online brand. It’s created the freedom for me to travel the world with my family.”

- Dr. Peter Kan

"If you want to help more people and still have a life, Dr. Isaac teaches the principles AND the action steps to create a successful virtual practice."

- Dr. Tom Nixon

Chiropractor Reduces Patient Hours by 70% Without Sacrificing Income

Learn from the Fastest Growing Health Entrepreneurs in the Industry!

Catalyze Your Business Growth

Explore thought-provoking keynotes, engaging panels, immersive breakout sessions, guaranteed to inspire your next level of growth.

Collaborate with Visionaries

Network with world-renowned practitioners, entrepreneurs, and visionaries dedicated to transforming the healthcare industry. Experience community building network events, guaranteed to forge new friendships and connections.

Discover the Best in Automated Systems

Leverage technology to create more Freedom in your practice and scale your business without working 10 hours days.

Upgrade Your Mindset

Harness your power and upgrade your mindset with global experts in peak-performance, resilience, human potential, and more!

"Dr. Jones is pioneering the future of healthcare.”

Naveen Jain, Entrepreneur and Founder of Viome

The Good, The Bad, and the Profitable

What You Need to Know About A.I. in Healthcare

AI is changing the way the world does business. Healthcare is no exception. 

You’ll get special sessions dedicated to showing you exactly how you can implement AI in your business to save time, increase revenue, and scale faster. 

But it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. Like any tool, AI has strengths and weaknesses. 

We’ll also show you the hidden dangers of AI in healthcare, what you should never use it for, and why it could hurt your business if you use it wrong. 

We’ll cover :

  • Time saving AI-driven systems and processes

  • The right way to use AI for content (do this wrong and can kill your SEO)

  • Powerful lead generation strategies

  • How to diagnose problems in your ads 

  • Hidden Dangers of over-reliance on AI in healthcare

"Between our B&M, virtual programs and supplement sales, we are breaking $100K per week. The information HEA teaches is very exclusive only learned from coaching 1000’s of health businesses. It’s the best in the industry. We were also able to take our e-commerce site to over $80,000 per month in residual income. We are positioned for growth in any future.”

Dr. Olivia Joseph


Like Minded Practitioners


Generated from Attendees Partnerships At Our Event


World Class Speakers


Countries Represented Causing Global Impact

Business Moves at the Speed of Relationships:

A Different Approach to “Networking”

We believe the future of healthcare is collaborative, co-creative, and abundance-minded. It is an Alliance. This ethos is at the heart of Health Experts Alliance.

We keep our events intimate, so you can forge deeper connections instead of overwhelming and superficial stimulation.

We curate experiences for you to connect, develop profitable collaborations, and fuel each other’s success from Day 1. 

Business moves at the speed of relationships. 

The real question is “how fast do you want to go?”

Time is Money...We'll Make You Both at DISRUPT!

Here's What You'll Learn from Our Health Business Growth Experts:

Multiple Streams of Health Income:

Biggest opportunities to grow your income in less than 1 hour per week!

with Dr. Isaac Jones, Founder of Health Experts Alliance

In this session, Dr. Isaac will share his secrets for creating multiple streams of income in the health industry. He'll discuss the biggest opportunities for generating passive income and explain how to leverage existing resources to maximize earning potential. Attendees will learn how to create a system for earning money on autopilot, with just a few hours of effort each week.

The AI Revolution:

Top 5 ways of using AI in your marketing and in your patient care

with Taylor MacFarlane, CMO of Health Experts Alliance

This session will explore the ways in which artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the healthcare industry. Whether it's improving patient outcomes, streamlining administrative tasks, or enhancing marketing efforts, AI is rapidly transforming the way healthcare professionals work. Attendees will learn about the top five ways AI is being used in healthcare today, and how to incorporate these technologies into their own practices.

How to Accelerate and Improve Patient Results:

World's top health experts reveal their clinical secrets

with Dr. Isaac Jones and Our Health Experts Panel

This session brings together a panel of top health experts to share their clinical secrets for achieving better patient outcomes. Attendees will learn from the best in the business about the latest techniques and strategies for improving patient results. Whether you're a healthcare provider or a business owner in the industry, this session is a must-attend.

Power of Joint Ventures:

Expand your Revenue through the Relationships (that you can make at Disrupt)

with Josh Isaak, Partner at Health Experts Alliance

In this session, attendees will learn about the power of joint ventures and how to leverage them for business success. The focus will be on building relationships and partnerships that can lead to mutually beneficial opportunities. Whether you're looking to expand your network or generate new revenue streams, this session is a great opportunity to learn from experts in the field.

How I Built and Grew the Original Virtual Practice Into a 7-Figure Lifestyle Business

Dr. Isaac Jones, Founder of Health Experts Alliance

I thought I was “living the dream.”

There I was running one of the largest health clinics in the nation. We were seeing thousands of patients a week. I was at the top of my field and making great money. According to every other doctor, I was “successful”...but internally?

I was stressed out, working 12-14 hour days and running on empty.

Even worse...I knew in my heart we were NOT providing the level of care we promised. It felt awful. But I kept going because I was “living the dream.”

That’s when I had my wake-up call.

Driving home from another grueling shift at the clinic, I fell asleep at the wheel. The car drifted towards the concrete median at 70 mph. I woke up a split second before a catastrophic crash.

As my life flashed before my eyes, survival instincts took over. I swerved back into my lane, and back into life. My heart raced. My palms were sweating. It shook me to my core.

What was I doing? How did I get here? I had a dismal personal life. I hadn’t had a real vacation in years. I wanted a wife and family, but with this lifestyle how could I be a husband and a father?

I was missing out on life. I knew there had to be another way.

There had to be a way where I could serve patients to my highest ability, make a great living as a doctor, and live an inspired, joyful life.

That’s when I decided to leave the stress, bureaucracy and overhead of the brick-and-mortar practice… ...and go ALL-IN with virtual.

There was just one problem… Virtual Practices didn’t exist in 2009! I had no idea if it would work. There was nobody I could model from. There was no step-by-step playbook. There were no mentors.

The first 6-months I didn’t even make $10,000! I was frustrated and embarrassed. I made hundreds of mistakes and wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.

But I knew it was possible, so I kept at it. I kept learning, growing, and experimenting.

Eventually, by the end of the first year, I had earned $100k. And just two years later... I broke 7-figures in revenue… with almost NO overhead working just 2 days a week!

Other doctors noticed what I was doing and asked me to help them build their own virtual practice…

Since then, I've been coaching doctors and health business owners on how to scale into the 7,8, and even 9 figure range.....while avoiding becoming a slave to your practice.

At Disrupt I want to share the exact systems and strategies I used to break free of the GRIND lifestyle and into a highly profitable, concierge health business that allows you to DISRUPT the health care space, while still having time for the lifestyle you crave.


Renaissance Atlanta Midtown Hotel

Midtown Atlanta is a community at the intersection of life and business, urban and nature, and technology and culture. One of the top urban districts in the Southeast, Midtown Atlanta is at the epicenter of trendy local shopping, destination-worthy dining, world-class museums, and Atlanta’s largest concentration of parks and green space.


Spaces That Pique Creativity

It's time to step out of working in your practice or business, and start working ON your business. At DISRUPT we are curating an environment that allows you to not only rest and rejuvenate, but start to create a BIGGER VISION for whats possible in your business.

There is untapped potential in your business, do yourself the favor of taking the time to learn from like-minded individuals who share one DISRUPT the healthcare space and bring true healthcare to people globally.



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3 days full of inspiring keynote speakers, panels, workshops, networking events, and more.

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  • Exclusive Platinum Mixer Event with Dr. Isaac and other top speakers

  • Platinum Attendee Swag Bag


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What People Are Saying About DISRUPT!

Dr. Debrah MacIntyre


"This is the third time i've come to the event. Every time I come I get more information, more support, and the most important is that it tells me that even if i've had set backs--KEEP GOING!"

Tom Nixon


"They're really teaching from experience on how they're created a successful life in their world and practice whether it be B+M or virtual."

Melissa Peterson


"Being here in this atmosphere has been beyond my expectations. I dont think anyone is leaving here empty handed, this event has been packed with value"

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the event for?

This event is for healthcare professionals of all kinds: MD, D.C., ND, D.O, RN, Health Coaches, and health entrepreneurs or business owners.

If you are an expert or entrepreneur in the health field and want to make a bigger impact with more revenue and time freedom, Disrupt is for you.

Can I get the recordings?

Yes, when you upgrade to Platinum you will get full recordings of every session, hot seat, and Q&A session.

Is this only content or is it participatory?

Both! You will get world-class content on every aspect of building a virtual practice and opportunities for exercises based on material speakers present. 

This dynamic approach lets you capture inspiration and ideas in the moment without being overwhelmed by information. You will also get opportunities to ask questions, workshop ideas with fellow participants, and grow your network with like minded doctors.

I want to sell my own supplements and programs, is this for me?

Being a doctor puts you in a unique position to serve your clients with high-quality supplements. We will show you how to integrate supplements into a recurring revenue model of Virtual Practice.

Will you go deeper into digital marketing and lead generation?

Digital marketing is one pillar of our system, which we will go deeper into at the event. We combine it with business structure and simple, actionable marketing strategies that leverage your existing expertise without adding additional tech headaches.

What if I have to cancel?

We understand that life happens and sometimes unexpected events force us to change plans. Fortunately, HEA has events year-round! We will happily credit your ticket towards a different event or purchase if you have to cancel.

Do I need to attend every session?

No, this is not a boarding school and nobody is taking attendance. You are not required to attend every session. However, the content sessions at HEA live are designed to build upon one another. You may miss important information if you skip a session.

Will I get to ask questions and interact with Dr. Isaac and the other speakers?

Yes, absolutely. We will have special Q&A sessions throughout the event as well as live 1:1 hotseats with Dr. Jones. We encourage all attendees to bring their best questions and co-create meaningful dialogue with Dr. Jones, the presenters, and each other.

How do I book a hotel room?

We have a room block with an exclusive discount available here.

Save 40% Off Until Sep 15th

Still Have Questions?

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